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86% of executives admit they could make better use of data

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As business owners and executives, we understand that the data our business generates can help us make better decisions.


What isn't always clear is the accuracy of our internal financial data AND how to interpret it. FAL Business Resources moves into this murky data pool and provides confidence in the numbers and translates the data into insights and business vital signs.


Gone are the days of managing on instinct and leaps of faith. Fuel your business with informed decisions and gain market share. 


And just like that, running your business became more fun. 

Check out our service menu below for more details about FAL Business Resources. 

Take the guess work out of running your business.


 Customize your service offering and get exactly what you need.


Select options that are right for you from the menu below. 

Data Analytics and Insights

  • Interpret data into actionable insights.

  • Develop KPIs to support results driven management.

  • Establish internal and industry benchmarks.

  • Establish early warning data point triggers to help protect against fraud and risk.

Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Cost Reduction Evaluation

Cash Management Systems


Accounting Support

  • Books review and clean-up

  • Reconciliations

  • Interim Accounting Staff


Interim Outsourced Controller:

  • Financial planning, budgeting, reporting

  • Fixed asset oversight

  • Financial data organization for tax preparation

  • Financial data organization for audit preparation


Interim Outsourced CFO:

  • Company financial planning

  • Risk management

  • Supervision of accounting staff


Accounting Department Set-Up

  • Staff training

  • Job descriptions

  • Development and documentation of systems

  • Software evaluation and recommendation

  • Software implementation, integration support

Special Accounting Projects

Forensic data analysis

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